ANN: Python Computer Graphics Kit v1.0.1

Matthias Baas
Wed, 10 Sep 2003 22:43:17 +0200

The first non-beta release of the Python Computer Graphics Kit is
available at

What is it?

The kit is a collection of Python modules that contain the basic types
and functions required for creating 3D computer graphics images. The
kit includes several new types such as vectors, matrices and
quaternions. It contains a binding for Pixar's RenderMan interface
which is a renderer independent API to communicate 3D data to
renderers which will finally produce a 2D image. There are already
several RenderMan compliant renderers freely available (they are not
part of the kit). The kit also includes some of the functionality from
the RenderMan Shading Language which enables you to create procedural
models or textures from within Python.

Even though the kit focuses on RenderMan, the new types or the
Shading Language functionality can also be used for other rendering
mechanism such as OpenGL or other renderers such as POV-Ray.

The kit should run on any platform where Python (and a C/C++ compiler)
is available. Windows users can download a binary version for
Python 2.2 and Python 2.3.

What's new?

Finished the previously incomplete modules and added the corresponding
documentation. For a list of other minor bug fixes and enhancements
see the change log.

There has been release 1.0 available for a couple of days but the
binary for Python 2.2 was broken and the source zip contained a
modified version of the pre-generated file cgtypes.c which didn't work
on Linux. Release 1.0.1 is fixing these issues. If you were among
those who downloaded release 1.0 and you got it to work then you don't
have to download 1.0.1 again as there's no difference in

For more information, visit:

- Matthias -