Latest release of SalStat - version 20030911

Alan James Salmoni
11 Sep 2003 04:38:59 -0700

Hi folks & Pythonistas!

I have just made a new source-code only release of SalStat - version
20030911 (codenamed "Texas!") which is available at the website The download is (447k or
thereabouts). Sorry, but binaries are not available as I'm up to my
ears in Ph.D. work right now.

SalStat is a Python/wxPython application for statistical analysis, a
bit like a low-powered SPSS, but is growing all the time (should grow
faster when my Ph.D. is finished..!), and is available under the GPL.
I have also merged in wxPyPlot to produce some basic charts which can
be saved in bitmapped graphics format (bmp, png and jpeg if I'm not

This version also features data transformations with buttons for
common transforms (square, square root, reciprocal and log), but users
can also enter whatever Python function they want. The transforms are
non-destructive - any transformed data are automatically put into a
new data column, leaving the existing data untouched.

Future plans: Finished the xml data format which will enable users to
audit their entire analysis session; add the multi-factorial anova
(plus post-hoc tests and simple effects); improve the charting /
graphing; move the code base up to Python 2.3 and wxPython 2.4.x;
release executables for Windows & Linux; Add post-hoc analysis
procecures for the nonparametric tests like Kruskal Wallis and
Friedmans; Save the world from certain destruction... And dominate
it... Joking about the last two. ;)

All bug reports and suggestions for interface improvements are, as
usual, more than welcome. Have fun!

Alan James Salmoni
SalStat Statistics