strptime() backported to Jython 2.1

Brett C.
Mon, 15 Sep 2003 11:11:44 -0700

I have received a few requests since the 'Python Cookbook' was published 
to edit my code for a strptime() function in pure Python to run on 
Jython 2.1 .  I have finally come about and made the necessary changes 
and put them online (thanks to Jon Franz for giving the final push).

The code can be found at the Python Cookbook web site at .  It is 
not the fastest or best version of the code (that will always be in the 
Python CVS MAIN tree), but it seems to work (I have not done extensive 
testingm but all the changes were minor).

I now consider this backport finished.  All future enhancements to 
strptime will continue to go into the Python CVS but will not be 
backported.  If you want the latest and greatest features then consider 
helping to move Jython forward to its next version or upgrading your 
version of CPython.