Free Data Quality Management with Python UK Seminar

Andre Michel Descombes
Tue, 16 Sep 2003 17:41:29 +0200


Test&Go is a Python based tool, which makes developing Python DQM solutions
a cinch.

I am pleased to inform you that QualiControl (UK) Ltd are holding the first
of a number of FREE Seminars on the issues of Data Quality and Control on
1st October 2003 at the Royal Oriental Hotel in Luton, Bedfordshire (the
second will be 15th October).

The seminar will cover the problems encountered by companies with their data
quality as well as the knock on effects that these issues have across an
organisation and on to its partners or customers. The seminar will also
include a demonstration of Test&Go - one of Europe's leading software
solutions for controlling the quality and integrity of data in all
information processes, particularly focussing on Data Quality Management and

Test&Go has provided a great ROI within the Government and Financial
industries as well as for Software Testing, Data Cleansing and eCommerce
environments within a number of commercial organisations. Case studies will
also feature in the seminar on how companies have overcome their data
quality issues and the benefits gained.

If you would like more information on Test&Go or to register for this
seminar, please go to


Andre M. Descombes

R&D Director

QualiControl (UK) Ltd
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