Spe-0.2.0.a Python IDE with Blender and wxGlade (gui design) support

SM stani_@hotmail.com
27 Sep 2003 19:32:44 -0700

Spe is a python IDE with auto-indentation, auto completion, call tips,
syntax coloring, syntax highlighting, class explorer, source index,
auto todo list, sticky notes, integrated pycrust shell, python file
browser, recent file browser, drag&drop, context help, ... Special is
its blender support with a blender 3d object browser and its ability
to run interactively inside blender. Spe is extensible with boa.

    - Homepage:     http://spe.pycs.net
    - Website:      http://projects.blender.org/projects/spe/
    - Screenshots:  http://spe.pycs.net/pictures/index.html 
    - Forum:        http://projects.blender.org/forum/?group_id=30
    - RSS feed:     http://spe.pycs.net/weblog/rss.xml

Spe now ships with wxGlade, a GUI designer! Screenshots are at
http://wxglade.sourceforge.net/img/group.png A tutorial is included in
the help menu.Now it acts independantly from spe, but the purpose is
integrate it tighter. Any help here would be welcome.  Spe runs now
fine inside Blender2.28c

Andrei compares wxGlade to Boa:        
*"I like Boa and as Delphi programmer it was my first choice when
I looked into GUIs. But as Python user, I find wxGlade suits my
needs better, because it doesn't encourage integration of GUI
and code and because of its excellent support for sizers, which
are a must-have for cross-platform development. Those
non-resizeable frames we are used to in Windows seem really
weird to Linux users - and with good reason."*

:Batteries included:
  - Kiki:
      Regular Expression (regex) console. Altough still a pre-alpha
      release, it might be already usefull.
  - wxGlade:
      wxGlade is a GUI designer written in Python with the
      popular GUI toolkit wxPython, that helps you create
      wxWindows/wxPython user interfaces. As you can guess by the
      name, its model is Glade, the famous GTK+/GNOME GUI builder,
      with which wxGlade shares the philosophy and the look & feel
      (but not a line of code). For more info:
:New features:
      - wxGlade: see above

    - full python_ 2.2 or 2.3
    - wxpython_
    - optional blender_ 2.28c

    - the wxGlade team http://wxglade.sourceforge.net