ANN: LatLongUTMconversion 1.0 - convert lat/lon to UTM

Russell Nelson
29 Sep 2003 01:16:26 -0400

Finally got around to publishing one of the modules that makes up
pygps.  With it, you can convert latitude/longitude coordinates into
UTM coordinates.  There's actually a bunch of flavors of lat/lon, so
you have to specify which datum you want.  GPS receivers use datum
#23, WGS-84, so if you're using LLtoUTM with a GPS receiver to make
map coordinates, you'll hard-code 23 as the first parameter.

This is mature code; haven't changed it in over a year.

Note that this code doesn't convert the other way, even though I have
the algorithm to do it.  Why not?  I just never needed it.  If you do,
bug me about it by showering $20 bills on my head.  Or go create a
project with the Public Software Fund at .

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