Retic EAI Server 0.6 Released - Now with cross-platform GUI (wxPython)

Mon, 29 Sep 2003 22:20:51 +0200

Retic 0.6 comes with 3 new major features :

- Retic Administrator : a cross-platform (wxPython 2.4) GUI for 
creating/modifying adaptors and launching them.  (replaces the buggy win32 
Retic Designer)
- an XMLRPC server. Start it on a machine and after, launch adaptors on it 
remotely ( Retic Administrator uses it to launch adaptors on distant servers)
- Adaptors can be launched with parameter files, in order to execute one 
adaptor with distinct values
(ie : if you put %fileName% somewhere in the definition file of an adaptor, 
it will be replaced by the fileName value defined in the parameter file you 
pass as argument of your execution - see Retic's doc for more info).

Several bug fixes have been made, as well as speed/memory improvements 
(especially for the SQLTreeSource component).

It is available on sourceforge :

Retic is an EAI Server.
The aim is to permit applications to communicate, even if they
don't speak the same language (which means transport protocols
as well as data structures).
This is done by building adaptors. An adaptor is composed of :
         - One source
         - Several pipes (process data transformations)
         - Several sinks (destination of data)
         - Several loggers (using the logging module of python 2.3)


Have fun !!