Python-2.3.1 available at

Remi Delon
29 Sep 2003 04:19:18 -0700

Python-2.3.1 is now available on all the servers at
(making it one of the first hosting providers to support Python-2.3.1

People using Python CGI or Python-2.3-compatible application servers
will be able to use all the exciting new features of Python-2.3 for
their website.

Also, as of August this year, all the user data is being backed-up
every night to remote servers and all the servers are being monitored

About is a hosting provider specialized in Python.
Supported software includes Zope, Plone, WebWare, CherryPy, SkunkWeb,
Twisted, Spyce, mod_python and others (in fact, pretty much everything
want that runs on Python :-)


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