PyGTA (Toronto Python users group) next meeting: Tuesday April 27th

Peter Hansen
Fri, 02 Apr 2004 22:51:18 -0500

As noted in the updated wiki page, the next meeting
of PyGTA (the Toronto-area Python users group) will be held at
this time and place, courtesy of our friends at Givex.

Site:     Givex offices (
Room:     Suite 400
Address:  366 Adelaide St. West, just east of Spadina
Date:     Tuesday April 27
Time:     7-9 PM
(A Yahoo!Maps link is on the wiki page.)

This month we will be witness to a demonstration of the all-Python
collaborative workflow management platform from AB Strakt of Sweden.
Jacob Hall=E9n, CTO and chairman, and Laura Creighton, company co-founder
(and former Torontonian), will be showing how their product can
allow partners to configure working systems for customers with only
days of effort.  The system is suitable for a wide range of markets
where managing workflow and documents is critical, including accounting,
law firms, medical practices, procurement, and so on.

One or more of Mike Fletcher, Chris Garland and I (Peter) will also be
around to tell you about PyCon 2004, which was a grand success with
over 350 people attending!

Hoping to see you there,

-Peter Hansen and Ian Garmaise, meeting organizers

P.S. If you are quite sure you'll be attending, please email me at in advance so we can ensure there's adequate seating.
I don't know how the March meeting went, but February's was pretty packed=

P.P.S.: Also posted to comp.lang.python.announce since we haven't
been using that channel to announce lately, preferring our mailing
list.  I guess doing this every six months or is a good idea...