[ANN] csv2txt.py csv file convertion script

Paddy McCarthy paddy3118@netscape.net
3 Apr 2004 03:08:36 -0800

csv2text is a program I wrote to illustrate a point I made on comp.lang.python
about not just creating great Python modules, or Python programs, but of doing 
both at the same time.
This program makes the CSV module of Python more accessible by creating a 
program 'filter' that guesses and parses a csv file type on standard input 
and generates different formats on standard output.

At the moment, output types are CSV, HTML (as an HTML table), and a text 
format that is written to be easily parsed by tools such as TCL or AWK 
that may not have such a powerful CSV reader module handy. The text format
has conversions to allow AWK to handle CSV files with fields that contain 
embedded newlines (XL can generate that type of CSV file).

Homepage: http://www.paddyx.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/csv2txt/README.html

Cheers, Paddy.