- Python Album Generator

Premshree Pillai
Wed, 7 Apr 2004 07:34:28 +0100 (BST)

Hello people,
I recently updated one of my Python scripts --
This is a simple, command-line based, lightweight
Python script to create an image album.

Of course, there are plenty of image album creation
tools -- a lot of them are very good. But, I wanted
something very simple, something that doesn't scare
the user with too many options. The final album should
be clean -- something like what Zope's Image object

Here are some of the features of the script:
+ Thumbnail creation (using a scaling factor that the
user enters)
+ Image creation for the HTML of individual images
(again using a scaling factor that the user enters)
+ The album Index file includes dimensions and file
size of each image
+ The script generates a single CSS -- this makes
changing the style very simple
+ The script runs on the command-line, and does not
require any server-side processing

Other requirements:
+ Python Imaging Library

So, the idea of the script is -- Keep It As Simple As

You can see a sample of an album created using this
script at

Oh, and the script itself is available at

I hope it's useful.

Premshree Pillai

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