ANN: Pyb 0.4 Released

Anthony Eden
9 Apr 2004 08:18:25 -0700

Pyb 0.4 is now available.

Pyb is an ant-like build tool written in Python.  Unlike Ant, which
uses XML, Pyb build scripts are written in Python thus giving you
access to all of the features of Python in your build scripts.  Pyb
includes tasks for building Java projects, Python and Jython projects
as well as common build-related tasks.

More information on Pyb can be found at

Recent changes include:

Started adding unit tests. Dependencies are now specified as a list of
target names passed to the Target constructor. Added -d command line
argument to enable debugging. Added jythonc task. Added
platform-specific path building path to epydocs. Additional small
presentational changes.