ANNOUNCE: HamCannon 0.1 beta

Doug Winter
Wed, 14 Apr 2004 12:34:14 +0100

HamCannon is a Zope/Plone Product for managing outbound email marketing.

HamCannon is for sending ham, not spam - it has much support for helping
users unsubscribe and none for hiding from them.  Please don't use
HamCannon to send spam.

HamCannon provides all of the tools required to produce personalised
email newsletters or other email marketing, with:

    * subscription management
    * open tracking, bounce tracking and link tracking
    * complete statistical reporting
    * complete personalisation, limited only by your data

Newsletters are composed using Zope Page Templates, which are provided
with list and user objects, containing all information necessary for
rendering themselves for that user.

Links are automatically converted to tracked versions, and an
opentracking image is inserted after the body tag.  Images are
downloaded and bundled into the email, to allow them to work offline.

HamCannon is in active use, but beta testers are required to help
produce a package with complete and useful documentation.  Also,
HamCannon has only been tested with Plone 1.0.5.  Plone 2.0 testers
would be appreciated.

HamCannon is released under the GNU General Public License.

See the website:

Or the Sourceforge Project for files:

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