ANN: PyMedia 1.2.0

"Dmitry Borisov" "Dmitry Borisov"
Thu, 15 Apr 2004 00:11:14 +0400

Just wanted to let you know that PyMedia 1.2.0 is out.
PyMedia is a media library for Python based on libavcodec and libavformat.
It includes following features:
1. Audio decoding/encoding.
2. Video decoding/encoding.
3. Direct access to sound device with ability to pause/stop get position
4. Direct access to cdda tracks for easy grabbing and encoding Audio CDs
5. Simple interface and portability( Windows/Linux )

Just check the and download latest version( 1.2.0
You may find some really handy scripts in examples directory.
These are:
  Video player( ), requires pydfb( )
or pygame 1.6 patched with Overlay support( )
  Audio player( )
  CDDA grabber( )
  Video recoder(, )
  Audio recoder( )

Thank you,