ANN: Leo 4.2 beta 3 now available

Edward K. Ream edreamleo at
Wed Aug 11 15:47:40 CEST 2004

Leo 4.2 Beta 3 is now available at

This version of Leo is feature complete. Leo's core code has been
stable for several months.

To do: most plugins work with the new code base, but other plugins
need some more work. Late note: the *nix install script will work
better with *nix line endings :-)

The highlights of Leo 4.2:

- @thin trees make Leo much more friendly to cvs.

- Leo's data structures have been reorganized to make outline
operations significantly faster.  All old script still work.

- @test and @script nodes convert scripts to unit tests automatically.
  Converting scripts to unit tests now takes a few seconds!

- A faster and more robust spell checker plugin. (requires Python 2.3)

- Leo is now much more friendly to using spaces instead of tabs.

- The Execute Script command reports erroneous lines more clearly.

- The Perfect Import feature guarantee that Leo imports file exactly.

- Leo draws large outlines more quickly with less memory used.

- Dozens of other improvements.

Quotes of the month

"I'm a newbie to Leo(a couple of weeks) and I feel addicted to
programming fact it has resurrected a dead project of mine :)
The outline has proven most liberating in terms of testing ideas out.
Thanks a lot!" -- anon

"Wow, wow, and wow. I just started using Leo about a month ago..Now I
finally understand how to use clones and I realized that this is
exactly how I want to organize my information.  Multiple views on my
data, fully interlinkable just like my thoughts...Thanks for a great
tool! -- anon

"I *LIKE* it; I was amazed at how [different the Leo] experience was
compared to flat-filing. It was almost Forth-like in the way that it
was possible to work top-down or bottom-up at will (I believe this is
the key to its strength, btw)." --Tarvin Rhodes

What is Leo?
- A programmer's editor, an outlining editor and a flexible browser.
- A literate programming tool, compatible with noweb and CWEB.
- A data organizer and project manager. Leo provides multiple views
   of projects within a single outline.
- Fully scriptable using Python. Leo saves its files in XML format.
- Portable. is 100% pure Python.
- Open Software, distributed under the Python License.

Leo requires Python 2.2.1 or above and tcl/tk 8.4 or above.
Leo works on Linux, Windows and MacOs X.


Edward K. Ream
August 10, 2004

Edward K. Ream   email:  edreamleo at
Leo: Literate Editor with Outlines

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