ANN: ElementTree 1.2.2 (december 5, 2004)

Fredrik Lundh fredrik at
Sun Dec 5 14:27:53 CET 2004

The Element type is a simple but flexible container object, designed
to store hierarchical data structures, such as simplified XML infosets,
in memory.  The ElementTree package provides a Python implementation
of this type, plus code to serialize element trees to and from XML files.

ElementTree 1.2.2 is 1.2.1 plus an improved version of the HTML parser,
backported from the 1.3 development branch.  The new parser supports
arbitrary character data encodings, and properly handles documents that
mixes non-ASCII character data with non-ASCII character references
and entities.

You can get the ElementTree package from:

Documentation, code samples, and points to articles about the Element-
Tree module are available from:

enjoy /F

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