Announce: Zope Technical Solutions Training January 24th - 27th

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Mon Dec 6 16:28:31 CET 2004

Zope Technical Solutions Session

The next session will be held January 24th - 27th at our
headquarters in Fredericksburg, VA. This three day course
will familiarize students with Zope software from introductory
through advanced topics. We will demonstrate the flexibility and
effectiveness of Zope as an Open Source web development and content
management environment. We will also explore Zope architecture and
provide hands-on exercises using Zope to develop and manage
a robust web site.

We offer several opportunities to meet with and share ideas over lunch 
with Jim Fulton (CTO) and the Zope engineering teams.

Course Objectives: After completing this course students
will understand:

  - Zope's use of objects, methods, etc.
  - Zope's Management Interface.
  - Zope's server-side scripting language (DTML).
  - Page Templates.
  - Web site content creation and management.
  - Web site security through user privileges and roles.
  - Using Zope to integrate web sites with existing +
    relational databases.
  - Downloading/installing a Zope Product, and
  - Introduction to CMF.

The course is intended for those interested in using a
full-featured open source environment to develop and manage
robust corporate internet or intranet web sites. This
includes web site designers, content creators, content
managers and web developers. Participants should be familiar
with HTML and basic web architecture (e.g., how a web server
and web browser work together). Knowledge of object-oriented
concepts and SQL is recommended.

For more detailed information about the course, including
pricing, travel and accommodations, please go to our website or email training at

Please note that "Early Bird" pricing expires at the close
of business on Friday, Dec 24, 2004.

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