ANN: Stani's Python Editor 0.6.0 now also for Mac

s_t_a_n_i at s_t_a_n_i at
Wed Dec 8 00:04:29 CET 2004

I'm happy to announce the first SPE release aimed for the Mac Os X
platform. There might be still some minor issues, but if reported they
might be fixed soon. All mac feedback is welcome. This release was
possible by Xavier Nora who offered me access to his Mac through VNC.
If SPE doesn't startup on your Mac, probably your wxPython version is
too old.

Now SPE also has real built-in support for encoding, so SPE can now
deal with the most strange languages in the world. If the encoding is
defined in the file it will appear in the sidebar.

Spe is a python IDE with auto-indentation, auto completion, call tips,
syntax coloring, syntax highlighting, class explorer, source index,
auto todo list, sticky notes, integrated pycrust shell, python file
browser, recent file browser, drag&drop, context help, ... Special is
its blender support with a blender 3d object browser and its ability to
run interactively inside blender.
Spe ships with wxGlade (gui designer), PyChecker (source code doctor)
and Kiki (regular expression console). Spe is extensible with wxGlade.

:Batteries included:
- Kiki:
Regular Expression (regex) console. For more info:
- PyChecker:
PyChecker is a tool for finding bugs in python source code. It
finds problems that are typically caught by a compiler for
less dynamic languages, like C and C++. It is similar to lint.
For more info:
- wxGlade:
wxGlade is a GUI designer written in Python with the
popular GUI toolkit wxPython, that helps you create
wxWindows/wxPython user interfaces. As you can guess by the
name, its model is Glade, the famous GTK+/GNOME GUI builder,
with which wxGlade shares the philosophy and the look & feel
(but not a line of code). For more info:

:New features:
- encoding
- toolBar for Mac OS X
- blender script to register spe in Blender script
menu (copy to .blender/scripts)

:Bug fixes:
- new icons

- full python 2.3+
- wxpython
- optional blender 2.35

- Xavier Nora (
- Jean Montambeault (blender script)

:Donations (20euro):
- Oliver Tomic

- Homepage:
- Website:
- Screenshots:
- Forum:
- RSS feed:

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