ANN: SimPy 1.5 simulation package

Klaus Muller kgmuller at
Wed Dec 8 11:26:38 CET 2004

The SimPy developers team is happy to announce the release of SimPy 1.5.


Home page:

SimPy is an extensible object-oriented discrete event simulation package 
for Python 2.2 and later. It uses generators for efficient 
implementation of coroutines. It has a GUI and a plotting package. 
Tutorial, manuals and many examples are included.

Release 1.5 is a new production version of SimPy. It adds
advanced synchronization capabilities through additional 'yield'
commands. SimPy 1.5 runs SimPy 1.4.2. scripts unchanged.

Python on a Win32 OS provides *time.clock*, a high resolution
clock which can be used to measure real time. The nearest
facility to this on Linux and Unix is *time.time*. SimulationRT
now automatically selects the right clock, depending on the
OS the SimPy script is run on.

Advanced synchronization facilities
To support the clean, easy implementation of an even wider
spectrum of simulation models, SimPy 1.5 now introduces two
additional process synchronization facilities:

	* SimEvents and signaling synchronization constructs,
            with  'yield waitevent' and 'yield queueevent' commands.

	* A general "wait until" synchronization construct, with
           the 'yield waituntil' command.

Bugs repaired
The 1.5 alpha review process identified a bug in the new
SimEvents class (thanks, Sidney!). It manifested itself when a
process waited or queued for one of a group of signals. This
release cures that bug.

Enjoy, but don't forget to share your experiences with the SimPy community!

Klaus G. Muller
Tony Vignaux

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