ANN: xsdb does XML, SQL is dead as disco :)

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Sat Dec 11 22:12:26 CET 2004

The xsdbXML framework provides a flexible and well defined infrastructure to 
allow tabular data to be published, retrieved, and combined over the Internet.
It's a little bit like the daughter of the Gadfly SQL engine in the buff, 
on steroids.  This is a major departure from the previous releases of xsdb.
Please read about it and download it from
Note that the download is over 90% documentation and example data files --
the software itself is small.
The xsdb framework makes all of the following assertions true. 
Database queries over web distributed data: 
  Databases may be broken up into multiple files or servers on multiple machines 
  and queried as a single resource. 
Simple Publication: 
  Publishing a queriable collection of data (a context) can be as simple as 
  placing an XML document on a web server. 
Sophisticated Publication: 
  Large and complex databases may also be published using server software 
  which provides indexing and other optimizations. 
  Published data collections may be built using parts of remotely defined data collections. 
External Data: 
  A data context may make reference to another arbitrary web object. 
Open formats and definitions: 
  Databases may be constructed and queried using standard formats and standard 
  web protocols using any programming language in any computational environment. 
Simple formats 
  The content of a database or query may be expressed in a manner which is easy 
  to parse and interpret (both for human readers and for computer programs). Data, 
  queries and query responses are represented using the same language of expressions. 
Clear definition 
  The meaning of database entries and queries are defined using simple mathematical 

thanks for your attention!
    -- Aaron Watters
       There ain't no sanity clause.
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