ANNOUNCE: SMK 0.4 (build tool in Python) available

velco velco at
Fri Dec 17 20:05:55 CET 2004

The SMK utility automatically determines, which pieces of
a program need to be recompiled and issues commands to
recompile them.

The latest SMK release is version 0.4, released on
December, 12th 2004. It is available for download from
the SMK web site:

This release handles multiple -f options, reorganizes
package meta-info, adds a Pythonic setup script, Intel(R)
C++ Compiler support (on GNU/Linux), has portable path name
handling, platform independent naming of targets, Microsoft
Windows support, Microsoft VS.NET and Windows DLL support,
allows static linking of executables and shared objects,
and avoids needless relinking upon installation.

Previous SMK releases include:

version 0.3.1, released on November, 22nd 2004

Changes: Updated documentation: the tutorial is up to date
with respect to the 0.3.1 release. Quiet mode has been
introduced (-q/--quiet). Several small installation/uninstallation
infrastructure bugs have been fixed.

version 0.3, released on November, 19th 2004

Changes: This version reorganizes the build tools
infrastructure, emits --rpath options when linking in-project
executables or shared libraries, includes support for installation
and uninstallation, allows build tools to update targets with
function actions in addition to spawning processes, and includes
different verbosity levels for progress report messages.

version 0.2, released on November, 12th 2004.
Initial public release


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