ANN: PIL 1.1.5 beta 2 (december 18, 2004)

Fredrik Lundh fredrik.lundh at
Sun Dec 19 17:21:07 CET 2004

PIL 1.1.5 beta 2 (aka rc0) is now available from

(look for Imaging-1.1.5b2.tar.gz.  no compiled windows versions yet;
hopefully later this week)

Visible changes in this release include:

+ Added DPI read/write support to the PNG codec.  The decoder sets
  the info["dpi"] attribute for PNG files with appropriate resolution
  settings.  The encoder uses the "dpi" option (based on code by Niki

+ Added limited support for "point" mappings from mode "I" to mode "L".
  Only 16-bit values are supported (other values are clipped), the lookup
  table must contain exactly 65536 entries, and the mode argument must be
  set to "L".

+ Added support for Mac OS X icns files (based on code by Bob Ippolito).

+ Added "ModeFilter" support to the ImageFilter module.

+ Added support for Spider images (from William Baxter).  See the
  comments in PIL/ for more information on this

For a list of other changes in 1.1.5, see this page:

Report bugs to the image-sig mailing list or directly to me, as usual.

enjoy /F

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