Announce: birth of pyGPIBscope

Philippe Dalet philippe.dalet at
Sun Dec 19 19:00:24 CET 2004

Announce: birth  of  pyGPIBscope

I'm glad to announce the birth of pyGPIBscope. 

pyGPIBscope's homepage is at;

and downloads are at:

pyGPIBscope is a windows application written in python and using the
gpib8257a which is an USB-GPIB interface (agilent). you can control an
oscilloscope (HP54111D or others from HP-agilent) through the USB bus.

Great thanks to Gordon Williams for his WxPyplot 

save plot in jpeg, bmp , xmp, xbm, png format
save plot in binary file (.dat) from orcad-pspice-cadence
save plot in stimuli file (.stl) from orcad-pspice-cadence for
     simulation. very usefull.

TODO: running on Linux (see the package
      and macOSX

philippe MARIE dit DALET
laboratoire sts électronique
lycée champollion
av pezet
46100 FIGEAC


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