PyJuggler 1.0 Beta 1 available

Patrick Hartling patrick at
Wed Dec 29 21:20:10 CET 2004

[This is an addendum to the original PyJuggler release announcement to 
clarify some details for interested readers of this forum.]

What is VR Juggler?
VR Juggler is a collection of C++ libraries that virtual reality
application developers can use to write high-performance immersive
applications that to run on a variety of operating systems and immersive
system configurations (suuround-screen CAVEs, head-mounted displays,
large projection walls, etc.).  Immersive systems powered by multi-pipe
super computers and multi-node clusters of commodity graphics computers
are supported.

VR Juggler has been under development since January 1997 at Iowa State
University and is available under the LGPL.  More information can be
found at the VR Juggler website:

> What is PyJuggler?
> ------------------
> PyJuggler is an extension to VR Juggler I started in my spare time one 
> weekend in November 2002.  Its main purpose is to fulfill a goal I have 
> had for a long time: the ability to write VR Juggler application objects 
> in a scripting language.  In this case, the language is Python, a mature 
> and popular object-oriented scripting language.
> Using PyJuggler, it is possible to write a VR Juggler application object 
> in Python and load the object into the VR Juggler kernel, which of 
> course is written in C++.  Python-based application objects can even be 
> mixed with C++ application objects in the same kernel.  Lastly, it is 
> possible to write the equivalent of a C++ main() function in Python so 
> that a developer need never see or write any C++ code to use VR Juggler.
> PyJuggler is built on top of the excellent Boost.Python v2 library 
> (  Boost.Python makes the mapping 
> between C++ and Python quite simple.  It also makes embedding Python in 
> C++ vastly easier than was previously possible.

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