ANN: pyTerra 0.6: TerraServer module for Python

Howard Butler
Sun, 01 Feb 2004 14:06:53 -0600

A new version of pyTerra (0.6) is now available.  It fixes a number of issues:

     * Fix to compensate for TerraServer messing up some tile requests 
(image shifting).
     * Thread cue so a request doesn't generate the same number of threads 
as tiles.
     * Local tile caching (off by default) in TerraImage.
     * Provided a public method that returns the PIL 

pyTerra is a Python module that allows you to make requests to Microsoft's
TerraServer. With it, you can download cartographic images for any almost
any geographic extent in the conterminous US. It mimics the SOAP API
provided by the TerraServer located at
A helper class is also
provided that reduces the interaction required to defining a bounding box
and writing the image out to the file system.

A source distribution and Windows binary is provided.

See <<>> 
for more information and download.

Howard Butler