ANN: PyPayflowPro 0.1.0 is released

Mark McEahern
Thu, 12 Feb 2004 22:38:40 -0600

PyPayflowPro is a Python wrapper for the Verisign PayflowPro SDK.

With PyPayflowPro, you can use the Verisign Payflow Pro SDK directly in 
Python. This allows you to process credit card transactions (and other 
financial transactions) using Verisign Payment Services 

PyPayflowPro requires:

* Pyrex (to build the extension module)
* Verisign PayflowPro for your platform

PyPayflowPro is hosted at SourceForge 
( where the current release 
(0.1.0) is available for download.

Feedback is most appreciated.


Mark McEahern