CJKPython 2.3.3 is released.

Hye-Shik Chang perky@i18n.org
Sun, 15 Feb 2004 05:05:17 +0900

CJKPython 2.3.3 final release is now available at

CJKPython is a CJK-localized Python distribution for Windows. It
comes with CJKCodecs and several CJK patches and third-pathy modules.

What's different from the standard Python for Windows?

 * Includes CJKCodecs as of incorporated edition in Python 2.4.
 * Includes the following third-party modules:
   - hangul 1.0 (manipulates Hangul, the Korean alphabet system)
   - pykf 0.3.3 (converts JIS codes)
   - ctypes 0.6.2 (interface to native dynamic libraries)
 * Respects system locale by default.
 * sys.displayhook is locale-aware so that users can see CJK strings
   as it is.
 * Shift-JIS localization patches by Atsuo Ishimoto are also
   available in this distribution and it's default for Japanese


Hye-Shik Chang
February 14, 2004