OSAF Announces the Release of Chandler 0.3

Ted Leung twl@osafoundation.org
Thu, 26 Feb 2004 15:20:00 -0800

We are pleased to announce Chandler 0.3!  Our architecture is finally  
stable enough to start developing end-user features.

Release 0.3 targets developers who want an early preview into our  
architecture as we are developing it. With this release we now can  
begin to encourage open source developers to work with the OSAF core  
development team, as in the upcoming PyCon Sprint. (See details below.)

New in Release 0.3
The two biggest architecture advancements in this release are the  
Repository and the Chandler Presentation and Interaction Architecture  
(CPIA). In 0.3, our Repository is much more robust and scalable, and  
now implements a transaction and threading model. This release also  
marks the debut of CPIA, which is a UI layer in our architecture that  
is uniquely adapted for item-centric applications based on our  
Repository. Not only does it abstract away implementation-specific UI  
widgets, but CPIA elements have direct access to our Repository via  
data-driven queries.

You can find out more about the 0.3 release at:

You can download the 0.3 release for Linux, MacOS, and Windows from:

OSAF events at PyCon 2004
PyCon 2004, March 24-26, 2004 in Washington, D.C., is a  
community-oriented conference targeting developers (both those using  
Python and those working on the Python project). It provides  
opportunities to learn about significant advances in the Python  
development community, to participate in a programming sprint with some  
of the leading minds in the Open Source community, and to meet fellow  
developers from around the world. The organizers work to make the  
conference affordable and accessible to all. The Chandler PyCon Sprint  
is free and does not require registration for the conference.

Mitch Kapor to give keynote address
Mitch, founder of the Open Source Application Foundation, will be the  
keynote speaker for the conference.

Chandler Sprint
OSAF will be running a Sprint from Mar 20-23 prior to the PyCon 2004  
conference. The topics for the sprint will focus on the Chandler  
repository. At the moment, these include repository dump/restore  
functionality, and remote repository sharing using WebDAV.

Andi Vajda and Ted Leung will the coaches for the sprints, and will be  
doing brief tutorials for people unfamiliar with the Chandler  
repository. We want to use the sprint to involve more people in the  
Chandler development process as well as accomplish some tasks that will  
be useful for Chandler.

If you are interested in participating in the sprint, please add  
yourself to the ChandlerSprint page:

What is a Sprint?
The sprint is a four day focused development session, in which  
developers pair in a room and focus on building a particular subsystem.  
A sprint is organized with a coach leading the session. The coach sets  
the agenda, tracks activities, and keeps the development moving. The  
developers work in pairs using extreme programming's pair programming  

And a BOF too!
In addition, we plan to have an OSAF 'Birds Of a Feather' gathering  
during PyCon itself to answer questions about Chandler and socialize  
with Python developers.