cx_Oracle 4.0.1

Anthony Tuininga
Fri, 27 Feb 2004 23:27:25 -0700

What is cx_Oracle?
cx_Oracle is a Python extension module that allows access to Oracle and
conforms to the Python database API 2.0 specifications with a few

Where do I get it?
(it may be a few days before the second site is updated)

What's new?
 1) Fixed bugs on 64-bit platforms that caused segmentation faults and bus
    errors in session pooling and determining the bind variables associated
    with a statement.
 2) Modified test suite so that 64-bit platforms are tested properly.
 3) Added missing commit statements in the test setup scripts. Thanks to Keith
    Lyon for pointing this out.
 4) Fix for Cygwin environments. Thanks to Doug Henderson for
    providing the necessary fix.
 5) Added support for compiling cx_Oracle without thread support. Thanks to
    Andre Reitz for pointing this out.
 6) Added support for a new keyword parameter called threaded on connections
    and session pools. This parameter defaults to False and indicates whether
    threaded mode ought to be used. It replaces the module level attribute
    OPT_Threading although examining the attribute will be retained until the
    next release at least.
 7) Added support for a new keyword parameter called twophase on connections.
    This parameter defaults to False and indicates whether support for two
    phase (distributed or global) transactions ought to be present. Note that
    support for distributed transactions is buggy when crossing major version
    boundaries (Oracle 8i to Oracle 9i for example).
 8) Ensure that the rowcount attribute is set properly when an exception is
    raised during execution. Thanks to Gary Aviv for pointing out this problem
    and its solution.

Just as a side note, I have also built and tested cx_Oracle under Oracle
10g on Linux and it works correctly without changes. Oracle 10g has not
yet been released for Windows but it will be tested on that platform as
well when it becomes available.

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