[ANN]New project: PyCrash

Carmine Noviello cnoviello@hotmail.com
Tue, 6 Jan 2004 22:13:13 +0000 (UTC)

The project Iím going to present is a Python module, named PyCrash,
which can be very useful in exploiting bugs of Python written programs.
PyCrash is a crash handler that handles uncaught exception during
program execution and collects information about the program context.
PyCrash can be very useful in report bug information, because the
programmer can easily analyse the program execution context of the
crashed application.
Major information collected by PyCrash in the crash dump is:
- Information about operating system, Python and Python Standard  
  Library version and general information about the program that is  
  crashed (e.g., program name and version, time at witch program 
  started and ended, and so on);
- Information about the uncaught exception, like the exception type, 
  the context (namely method name) in which the exception occurred and 
  the exception value;
- General information about variables state;
- Information about the stack of each thread, like the list of stack 
  frames, the variables value in each stack frame, and so on;
- General information about source code, like variable and function 
  position in source file that can be useful for the programmer to find
  quickly bugs in source tree;

The format of the crash dump file generated by PyCrash is XML, so the
programmer can easily read this file to understand why the program is
crashed. Currently, PyCrash needs Python 2.3 or higher.

Actually, PyCrash is still in beta, and the latest version is 0.2-beta2.

Iím also working to a graphical tool, named PyCrashViewer, that shows
PyCrash core file in a graphical manner, so the user can quickly and
easily exploits bugs. You can see a screenshot at:


For further information, please visit PyCrash home page at


Thanks in advance to who will send me comments and suggests about this

Carmine I.D. Noviello

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