RELEASED: Shtoom 0.1

Anthony Baxter
Sun, 11 Jan 2004 15:34:32 +1100

I'm happy to announce the first release of Shtoom. Shtoom is a Python
implementation of a voice over IP software phone, using the standard SIP
protocol. The first release features: 

  - basic calling functionality (can make and receive calls),
  - Qt, Gtk, Tkinter and text user interfaces (of varying degrees of 
  - audio support for Linux/FreeBSD (using ossaudiodev) and Windows/MacOS X 
    (using PortAudio), 
  - audio codecs G711 (64kbit/s) and GSM 06.10 audio (3kbit/s) with an 
    optional extension,
  - firewall traversal via STUN.

It's been tested against Cisco IOS 12.3, Asterisk, kphone and linphone.

It's available from the website:

Future plans include: 
  - error handling <wink>
  - SIP registration support
  - A number of other applications, including shtam (answering machine) and
    shtoomcu (conferencing server).

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