Kodos 2.3.0 - Python utility for testing Regular Expressions

Phil stuff@mailzilla.net
13 Jan 2004 13:18:32 -0800

Kodos 2.3.0 has been released and is available at:


Changes since 2.1:

- Added: Support for unicode.  Users can now create regular
expressions that contain unicode characters.

- Added: Support for multiple languages (locales) via translation
files.  If you're interested in translating Kodos to another language
please email me.

- Normalized the distribution paths so that Kodos can find help files
regardless of distribution.

- Fixed some issues with the RPMs.  They should now install correctly.

- Minor bug fixes

- Code cleanup

About Kodos:

Kodos is a regular expression designer, tester, debugger and validator
that allows a developer to create and modify regular expressions
against a test string.  The intuitive grahpical interface allows the
developer the ability to modify the regular expression (regex) and to
see the effects against their test string in real-time.

Key Features:

- Matches can be easily viewed and each match can be seen distinctly

- Regex groups and named groups are clearly displayed

- Sample source code is shown so even python developers new to regular
expressions can quickly add the produced regular expressions to their
own projects.

- Ability to load and save your test cases

- Kodos relies on PyQt for the GUI elements.