ANNOUNCE: python-gammu 0.4 and Wammu 0.5

Michal Cihar
Thu, 22 Jan 2004 12:21:50 +0100


releasing Wammu version 0.5, news:

New features:

* Searching for phone.
* Backup and import functionality.
* Deleting of multiple entries at once.
* Reply on message.
* Playback of ringtones using timidity.
* More decoded SMS parts are now recognized (especially Nokia ones were
  not recognised before).
* Unexpected exceptions are handled and reported as bugs.
* Czech localisation.

Bug fixes:

* HTML displayer now should display non ascii texts correctly.
* Reads really all sms.
* Better handling of exceptions when reading data.
* Broken wxListCtrl.GetColumn on wxPython is workarounded.
* Workaround charset conversion problems in wxPython.
* Fixed creating multiple roots in tree control.

Wammu is phone manager built on top o python-gammu. It supports many
phones (check Gammu project for details). You can reach it on

it requires python-gammu 0.4, which comes also with few new features:

* SMS with some data are now converted to/from Pyyhon correctly.
* Added work with SMS folders.
* Added support for creating categories.
* Ringtone parts of SMS are now also converted.
* Can save ringtones.
* Support for reading/writing backups.
* Works much better in multi thread applications - releases Pythons
  global lock for communication with phone.

python-gammu is binding between Python and Gammu. It currently does not
support all Gammu features, but only those needed for Wammu, URL is

	Michal Cihar