Kodos 2.3.1 - Python GUI for creating, debugging and tested regular expressions

Phil stuff@mailzilla.net
25 Jan 2004 13:52:02 -0800

Kodos 2.3.1 has been released and is available at:


Changes since 2.3.0:

- Fixed several bugs that were introduced by my first attempt at
internationalizing the application.

- Added a Polish translation of Kodos that was contributed by Jarek
Zgoda.  Many thanks to Jarek for his translation efforts and 2.3.0 bug
reports.  If you prefer to use the Polish version of Kodos, simply
launch Kodos with the -l pl flag (kodos.py -l pl or kodos.exe -l pl)


- Additional language translations.  Please contact me if you're
interested in translating Kodos.

About Kodos:

Kodos is a regular expression designer, tester, debugger and validator
that allows a developer to create and modify regular expressions
against a test string.  The intuitive grahpical interface allows the
developer the ability to modify the regular expression (regex) and to
see the effects against their test string in real-time.

Key Features:

- Matches can be easily viewed and each match can be seen distinctly

- Regex groups and named groups are clearly displayed

- Sample source code is shown so even python developers new to regular
expressions can quickly add the produced regular expressions to their
own projects.

- Ability to load and save your test cases

- Kodos relies on PyQt for the GUI elements.