ANN: wxPyAtol

Sat, 31 Jan 2004 13:51:28 +0100

Hello, I'm happy to announce "wxPyAtol"

The original program is written by Miroslav Rajcic and is called Atol
It is programmed in C++ using wxWindows

I have posted the sources to:
A few months ago, i couldn't imagine, that this is possible to do in
python + wxpython. But also with the help of win32 extensions, I
managed to get the most things work.

I know, it is almost not at all "pythonic",
but I wanted to keep it so, because it is better to compare
to the c++ sources, and maybe later, I will inlude more python

Maybe someone could help me and give me some pointers:
In the source, it is marked with todo.
for example to retrieve the imagelist from Windows fileextensions
self.m_hImageList = windll.shell32.SHGetFileInfo('.txt',
win32file.FILE_ATTRIBUTE_NORMAL, byref(shfileinfo),
sizeof(shfileinfo), dwFlags)
How can I get this in python?

thank you and best regards (and sorry for my bad english)