Service interruptions on mpo possible this weekend

Barry Warsaw
Fri, 02 Jul 2004 10:40:13 -0400

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The current machine has had many problems over the last
few weeks, and it's time to move.  Also, we have a deadline of
06-Jul-2004 before ZopeCorp and Baymountain decommission the machine and
pull the plug on it.

Fortunately, Thomas Wouters and the fine folks at XS4ALL have donated a
machine, and your friendly neighborhood volunteer postmasters have been
working round the clock (okay, in 3-minute chunks while we recompile
Python cvs <wink>) to bring the new machine online and migrate the
existing services to it.  Given our resources, we feel pretty good that
the machine is ready to go, and we'll be taking advantage of the coming
US holiday weekend to finish the migration.

So please note that there will be planned interruptions of's
mail service this weekend.  I hope that everything will be back up and
running by the end of 05-Jul-2004 somewhere in the world.  This outage
will also affect the mailing lists in the, porkmasters,org,
and domains.  Also, please note that this
specifically does /not/ affect the domain, since the divorce is
final and they're now living on a new dedicated server.


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