ANN: pyXSLdoc 0.65

c. csad7 at
Wed Jul 7 20:14:11 CEST 2004

what is it
An application to produce documentation for XSLT files in XHTML format, 
similar to what javadoc does for Java files.

changes since the last release
* shortcomments on overview tables are shown now (in ReST version only)
* new options
	will be shown as Main Headline on overview page if no doctitle given or 
	doctitle.txt in ReST format will be shown at the top of overview page
	specify the encoding of additional ReST documentation files like 
help.txt overview.txt or directory.txt.
* improved
     --verbose, -v
	output prints messages about used doctitle, overview and helpfile ReST 
files now
* bugfixes and Javadoc comment style improvements suggested by Doron Enav

see for a complete list of changes

pyXSLdoc is published under the LGPL.

download pyXSLdoc v0.65 - 040707 from

pyXSLdoc needs
* Python 2.3 (tested with Python 2.3.4 on Windows XP only)
* Pyana (tested with Pyana 0.9.1 only)
* Docutils (tested with Docutils 0.3 only)

Copy the XSLT files to document in a directory below pyXSLdoc (you could 
also give the complete path to your files but that would end up like 
that in the documentation). Then start the documentation process with

 >python DIRNAMES FILENAMES [options]

     directories with XSLT files to document,e.g. dir1 dir2
All directories and XSLT files below a given directory will be 
processed, so you can just use your XSLT package main directory name or 
use option -s.
     single XSLT files to document, e.g. file1.xsl path/file2.xsl

	 sourcepath to XSLTs, all XSLT files under this path will be documented 
and ``$SOURCEPATH/doctitle.txt`` and ``$SOURCEPATH/overview.txt`` will 
be used for the overview. Alternatively you might also simply list all 
dirs and XSLT files to document.
-j, --javadoc, --htmldocs
     process comments in Javadoc style (XHTML and @tags). Default is 
reStructuredText (ReST).

-dDOCPATH, --docpath=DOCPATH
	documentation target directory. Default is ``./_xsldoc``

     browser window title for the documentation. Text only, no markup.
     show the contents of this ReST .txt file at the top of the overview 
page. Default is ``$SOURCEPATH/doctitle.txt``. If ommitted or no file is 
found, WINDOWTITLETEXT is used.
     show the contents of this ReST .txt file on the overview page. 
Default is ``$SOURCEPATH/overview.txt``
	show the information of this ReST .txt file on the help page. Default 
is ``./HELP.txt``.
	 encoding of additional documenting ReST files (HELP.txt, doctitle.txt, 
overview.txt, directory.txt etc.). Default is utf-8. (Encoding of XSLT 
files and comments in these is of course read from the XSLT file itself.)

-r, --removedocs
	remove all comments from given XSLTs and save results in 
	path where XSLTs will be saved after removing of all docs. Only used 
when option ``--removedocs`` is given. Default directory is 

-v, --verbose
	show more detailed information while generating the documentation

thanks for the interest. any comment is appreciated
christof hoeke

<P><A HREF="">pyXSLdoc 0.65</A> - generate 
XSLT documentation (7-Jul-04)

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