ANNOUNCE: pygtk-0.6.12

Christian Robottom Reis kiko at
Mon Jul 12 21:00:47 CEST 2004

** Note: this is *not* relative to the current GTK+ 2.x-based PyGTK **

Hello there,

    I'm releasing today version 0.6.12 of PyGTK, off the 0.6 branch,
which is the original PyGTK branch based on GTK+ 1.2. 

This version includes a small number of bugfixes and two API additions
which have been incorporated during the last two years of stability.
Summary of changes:


    - Fixed GtkScrolledWindow's use of `has_attr'
    - A fix for bug 96907: Crashes when calling emit() with less
      parameters than expected.
    - Check for non-existing directories in pygtk._get_available_versions
    - Implement proper exception handling in the GladeXML constructor.
    - Performance enhancement in bug 112395: Clean up __getattr__ and add 
      __eq__/__nonzero__ to GtkObject. 

  New API

    - Wrapped
    - Implemented GtkCList.set_focus_row() to work around a GTK+ focus
      bug in the GtkCList.

Download it from

There is no accompanying gnome-python release.  This tarball is
identical to the release candidate that was announced earlier. Thanks
for everyone that provided bug reports, comments and fixes for the
branch, including Jon Nelson, Steve McClure and Andrew Reid. 

Take care,
Christian Robottom Reis | | [+55 16] 3361 2331

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