itools 0.4 released

"J. David Ibáñez"
Wed, 02 Jun 2004 10:30:14 +0200

itools 0.4 provides:

 * itools.uri -- an API to manage URIs, to identify and locate resources.

 * itools.resources -- an abstraction layer over resources that let to
   manage them with a consistent API, independently of where they are 

 * itools.handlers -- resource handlers infrastructure (resource
   handlers are non persistent classes that add specific semantics to
   resources). This package also includes several handlers out of the

 * itools.xml -- XML infrastructure, includes resource handlers for XML,
   XHTML and HTML documents. Plus the Simple Template Language.

 * itools.i18n -- tools for language negotiation and text segmentation.

 * itools.workflow -- represent workflows as automatons, objects can move
   from one state to another through transitions, classes can add specific
   semantics to states and transitions.

 * itools.lucene -- An underway implementation of the famous Jakarta's
   indexing and search tool.

Download from:

The documentation is under development and will be posted soon.


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