ruleCore 1.1beta3

3 Jun 2004 12:29:00 -0700

This release is hopefully the last beta before 1.1 and should be used
instead of 1.0. It contains mainly a number of small fixes and better

ruleCore is a kind of rule engine designed for detection of complex
patterns of events. RuleCore can be configured to detect a number of
interesting patterns in the events that enter the engine.

The most obvious ones would be sequences of events, events combined
with logical operators (and, or, not).

A more advanced use would be to say something about time. For example
that a sequence of events must occur within five hours or that a
deadline event must come before next tuesday after the occurance of
another starting event.

The engine can also detect that an event is missing.

The complex event detection capability is the main focus of ruleCore
and thus there is many things missing. Such as delivery of detection
events to subscribers and so on. The main use would then be to use
ruleCore as an event detection component in a bigger system.

The events, we imagine, are sent to the ruleCore engine from a number
of busines systems or other applications with the capability to
generate events.

Events can be sent to ruleCore through plain TCP/IP sockets (very
simple string format), XML-RPC, The IBM WebSphere message queue or the
Rendezvous message bus from Tibco Inc.

ruleCore home page:
Download from Sourceforge:

The business people would call this type of systems for "Business
Activity Monitoring" BAM or "Business Event Management" BEM solutions.