ANNOUNCE: xtopdf 1.0: conversion of other file formats to PDF

Az Tech
15 Jun 2004 09:08:40 -0700

Vasudev Ram has released v1.0 of xtopdf as an open source project on
SourceForge. The URL is:

xtopdf is a project to provide ways of converting the content of other
file formats to PDF.

Currently supported formats are:

1. Plain text

2. .DBF (XBase) files.

Others will follow over time.

The software is written in Python.

It requires:

1. Python 2.2 or higher (
2. The open source version of the ReportLab toolkit (also written in

xtopdf is useful for quickly converting plain text files or the
content of .DBF files to PDF format.

xtopdf is cross-platform - has no OS-dependent code, so should work on
any platform where Python runs, including Linux, UNIX and Windows.