updated popen5 module

Peter Åstrand
Sat, 19 Jun 2004 15:11:56 +0200

Seven months ago, I announced my popen5 module. Since then, I've made
many changes:

* The module has been renamed, and is now called 'process'. (As a
separate project, this is bad name since there are already several other
modules called 'process', but one explicit goal of this module is to
have it included in the Python standard library. In this context,
'process' is the best suggestion so far.)

* Support for Windows platforms has been added. Currently, the win32all
extensions are required. (The idea is to remove this dependency by
writing a small extension module, in the same way as _winreg works. Help
is always appreciated...)

* The run() function has been replaced with call() and callv(). See the
documentation for details.

* The attributes fromchild, tochild, and childerr has been renamed to
stdout, stdin and stderr.

* Many small improvements has been made, both in the module itself and
the module tests.

Note: The PEP is not yet updated to reflect these changes.

The license is Python-style. The latest revision is 1.2, and is
available from .

/Peter Astrand <>

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revision 1.2</A> - updated popen5 module (2004-06-04)