RELEASED: pynits 040617

François Pinard
Thu, 17 Jun 2004 11:56:43 -0400

Hi, my Python and Vim friends.

Here is the second release of `pynits'.  The documentation has been
revised.  Messages have been internationalised, defaulting to English,
with French as a localisation.  Thanks to those who were courageous
enough to look at the initial release! :-)

Pynits is a useful tool while editing Python source code from within
Vim, for tidying up individual sources lines, and doing some auxiliary
tasks.  I find it particularly helpful when formatting lines containing
long or complex expressions.  This tool requires a Python-enabled Vim.

The Pynits tool may be downloaded from:
while installation directions may be found at:
The documentation file is also available on the Web as:

There are three sets of commands in this tool.  A first set takes an
entire line of Python source code (which may contain line continuations)
and works hard at choosing a "best" surface representation, completely
rebuilt from its syntax tree.  A second set is meant to discover
and report various formatting nits, and even to correct them when a
correction recipe is known.  A final set contains random commands,
usually for a few simple reformatting tasks.

François Pinard