ANN: PyORQ 0.1 - A Python Object-Relational binding

Roeland Rengelink
Mon, 21 Jun 2004 14:11:32 +0200

I am pleased to anounce the release of PyORQ 0.1

PyORQ (Python Object Relational binding with Queries) implements 
persistence for Python objects using a relational database (PostgreSQL, 
MySQL, SQLite) for storage.

With PyORQ you can use Python expressions to write queries which are 
automatically translated into SQL and executed by the backend. This 
leverages the search capabilities of RDBMSs in an object-oriented 
programming environment.

PyORQ 0.1 is a technology demo. It's purpose is to demonstrate the 
possibility to translate python expressions into SQL queries and to 
solicit feedback on this approach and its implementation

PyORQ 0.1 features:

o A notation for describing persistent objects, based on Python properties.
o Automatic creation of tables, based on the persistent object definition.
o A native Python notation to describe queries.
o Support for OO-programming (inheritance, encapsulation, polymorphism).
    - Persistent objects may refer to other persistent objects and queries
      understand this.
    - References to objects of a particular type may also refer to
      subclasses of that type.
    - Queries on a type, may return subclasses of that type.
o Interfaces to several SQL backends:
    - PostgreSQL, based on pyPgSQL by Billy G. Allie.
    - MySQL, based on MySQL-Python by Andy Dustman.
    - SQLite, based on PySQLite by Michael Owens and Gerhard Haring
o Bugs (undoubtedly)

PyORQ is hosted on sourceforge and is distributed under a MIT license

Download, tutorial, documentation and implementation notes can be found 
on the PyORQ web site:

Roeland Rengelink