cx_Freeze 3.0 beta1

Anthony Tuininga
Wed, 23 Jun 2004 08:29:11 -0600

What is cx_Freeze?

cx_Freeze is a set of utilities for freezing Python scripts into
executables using many of the techniques found in Thomas Heller's
py2exe, Gordon McMillan's Installer and the Freeze utility that ships
with Python itself.

Where do I get it?
(it may be a few days before the second site is updated)

What's new?

  1) cx_Freeze now requires Python 2.3 or higher since it takes advantage
     of the ability of Python 2.3 and higher to import modules from zip
     files. This makes the freezing process considerably simpler and also
     allows for the execution of multiple frozen packages (such as found
     in COM servers or shared libraries) without requiring modification
     to the Python modules.
  2) All external dependencies have been removed. cx_Freeze now only
     requires a standard Python distribution to do its work.
  3) Added the ability to define the initialization scripts that
     cx_Freeze uses on startup of the frozen program. Previously, these
     scripts were written in C and could not easily be changed; now they
     are written in Python and can be found in the initscripts directory
     (and chosen with the new --init-script option to FreezePython).
  4) The base executable ConsoleSetLibPath has been removed and replaced
     with the initscript ConsoleSetLibPath.
  5) Removed base executables for Win32 services and Win32 COM servers.
     This functionality will be restored in the future but it is not
     currently in a state that is ready for release. If this
     functionality is required, please use py2exe or contact me for my
     work in progress.
  6) The attribute sys.frozen is now set so that more recent pywin32
     modules work as expected when frozen.
  7) Added option --include-path to FreezePython to allow overriding of
     sys.path without modifying the environment variable PYTHONPATH.
  8) Added option --target-dir/--install-dir to specify the directory in
     which the frozen executable and its dependencies will be placed.
  9) Removed the option --shared-lib since it was used for building
     shared libraries and can be managed with the initscript
10) now checks the platform specific include
     directory as requested by Michael Partridge.

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