ANN: Vancouver Python Workshop - Preliminary talk list available

Brian Quinlan
Fri, 25 Jun 2004 18:32:29 +0200

A preliminary list of talks has been compiled for the upcoming=20
Vancouver Python Workshop. The list can be found at the end of this e-mai=

Conference registration is only open until Wednessday (June 30th) so=20
you should register as soon as possible.

For general conference information, see:

About the Vancouver Python Workshop

The conference will begin on July 31st with keynote addresses by Guido
van Rossum (the creator of Python) and Paul Everitt (co-founder of Zope
Corp). Further talks (and tutorials for beginners) will take place on
August 1st and 2nd. The conference will be roughly divided into three

   o Python language and applications
   o Content management with Python (esp. Zope and Plone)
   o Python for beginners

More information see:
or contact Brian Quinlan at:


In addition to the opportunity to learn and socialize with fellow
Pythonistas, the Vancouver Python Workshop also gives visitors the
opportunity to visit one of the most extraordinary cities in the world
(1). For more information about traveling to Vancouver, see:

Important dates
Attendee registration: June 4th to June 30th
Late registration: from July 1st
Keynotes, preconference sprints & tutorials: July 31st
Conference and tutorial dates: August 1st and 2nd


Tentative Talk List

This list is subject to change and does not included tutorials for=20
beginning Python programmers. It also does not reflect the scheduling=20
of the talks in any way.

"Python Question and Answer Session"
  - Guido van Rossum
"A strategic commercial perspective on ... Python? Really?"
   - David Ascher
"Taking control of Windows"
   - Andy McKay
"Python Quirks, Gotchas and Warts"
  - Paul Prescod
"Komodo's Code Intelligence System"
   - Trent Mick
"Using Zope/Plone with Relational Databases"
   - Joel Burton
"Just add water: a newbie's guide to customizing Plone's look and feel"
   - Andrew Coates
"Using Python and Zope to write a movie restoration system"
   - Ian Cav=E9n
"Extending Python With Pyrex"
   - Fraser Hanson
"Constraint Programming in Python"
   - Toby Donaldson
"Python Optimization"
   - Brian Quinlan
"Twisted Picture: Building a client-server app with WxPython
  and Twisted"
  - Carlos Choy
"Blocks & Views"
  - Scott David Daniels
"Groupthink: the approaches to collaboration in Plone"
  - David Morriss
"Open Source GIS with Python"
  - Mishtu Banerjee
"Keep It Simple with PythonCard"
  - Kevin Altis
"Stagehand - A Python BPEL4WS Implementation"
  - Andrew Francis
"The Prothon Language"
  - Mark Hahn
"Pygame: Implementing the big ideas from little developers"
  - Dethe Elza
"Using Plone to devolve Web site management and maintenance"
  - Dominic Hiles
"Using PyObjC to Avoid Writing Code"
  - Jim Tittsler
"Using Plone to publish the Mouse Atlas of Gene Expression"
  - Kevin Teague
"Object-Oriented Basics"
  - Jim O'Leary
"New Models for Processing Text and XML with Python"
  - Sam Wilmott