ANN: lfm 0.91

Iņigo Serna
Wed, 30 Jun 2004 23:21:27 +0200

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Hi out there,

after almost 2 years since last public release, tonight I announce the more=
 stable, rock, solid and powerful
 new version of lfm (v0.91).

lfm is a 'midnight commander'-clone written in Python and licensed under
GNU Public License. It should work on any UNIX with a modern (n)curses
library and Python curses module compiled in. See README file or visit
the web page for more information.=20

Download it from:

or if it doesn't show last version (crap of ISP reverse proxy), try this lo=
w-bandwidth home server:

Of course, all comments, suggestions etc. are welcome.

Changes since version 0.9:=20

Version 0.91 ("It rocks... yeah!") - 2004/06/30:

  + quite stable and robust, doesn't crash
  + faster
  + new option: show_dotfiles flag
  + new option: detach_terminal_at_exec flag: useful f.e. if you
    want to run elinks as web browser attached to lfm terminal
  + file associations and applications can be configured in preferences
  + now each application has only 1 associated program, *breaking old .lfmr=
  + perms dialog: users & groups sorted alphabetically
  + uncompress in other panel
  + resizing terminal works in lfm, pyview. Be careful with dialogs
  + columns size eliminated from preferences
  + 1-panel view redesigned
  + ESC closes dialogs, not lfm or pyview
  + Ctrl-D: select bookmark dialog
  + code reorganized:,
  + added classifiers to script

Version 0.90 was never publically released

Best regards,
I=F1igo Serna <inigoserna (AT) terra (DOT) es>

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