ANNOUNCE: Rx4RDF and Rhizome 0.2.0

Adam Souzis
Sun, 07 Mar 2004 13:32:24 -0800

Rx4RDF is application stack for building RDF-based applications and web
Rhizome is a Wiki-like content management and delivery system built on
Rx4RDF that generalizes the wiki concept in several ways.

What's new?

RxPath has been completely reimplemented. Enhancements include:
signficant performance boost, incrementally updates of the underlying
model, atomic transactions and rollback, and RDF model independence
through a simple API (includes adapters for 4Suite and Redland).

Racoon is also signficantly faster as result of adding various caches
the request pipeline (taking advantage of the (nearly) side-effect free
nature of XPath and XSLT).

Rhizome now provides an optional staging/release workflow.

In addition, there have several other enhancements, see for more details.

More Info:

* Rx4RDF provides a deterministic mapping between the RDF abstract
syntax to the XPath data model,  allowing you to query, transform and
update a RDF model with languages syntactically indentical to XPath,
XSLT and XUpdate (dubbed RxPath, RxSLT, and RxUpdate respectively).

* Racoon  is a simple application server that uses an RDF model for its
data store, roughly analogous to RDF as Apache Cocoon is to XML. Racoon
uses RxPath to translate arbitrary requests (currently HTTP, XML-RPC and
command line arguments) to RDF resources, each of which can be
associated with RxSLT and RxUpdate stylesheets.

* Rhizome is a Wiki-like content management and delivery system built on
Racoon that takes the concept of the Wiki to the next level: everything
is editable, not just content but its meta-data and behavior, even the
structure of the site itself. Furthermore, wiki entries are abstract
globally unique RDF resources that can have any kind of content and
whose presentation is contextual.
Rhizome includes a couple of other stand-alone technologies that maybe
of interest:
* RhizML  is a Wiki-like text formatting language that lets you write
arbitrary XML or HTML, enabling you to author XML documents with
(nearly) the same ease as a Wiki entry.
* RxML is an alternative XML serialization for RDF that is designed for
easy authoring in RhizML, allowing novices to author and edit RDF metadata.



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