SPE 0.5.0.I - Python IDE with wxGlade, Pychecker, Blender support and Kiki

SM stani_@hotmail.com
3 May 2004 04:28:59 -0700

Spe is a python IDE with auto-indentation, auto completion, call tips, syntax 
coloring, syntax highlighting, class explorer, source index, auto todo list, 
sticky notes, integrated pycrust shell, python file browser, recent 
file browser, drag&drop, context help, ... Special is its blender support with 
a blender 3d object browser and its ability to run interactively inside blender. 
Spe ships with wxGlade (gui designer), PyChecker (source code doctor) and 
Kiki (regular expression console). 

This is a major rewrite because of wxPython 2.5. WARNING: This is a prerelease, 
use it at its own risk (as I do myself).  It's already quite stable for Windows XP 
and Linux, but probably for Mac OS X a lot of debugging should be done. This
version was developped with SPE itself and wxGlade.

If you've used SPE before, remove the file 'defaults.cfg' from your user path 
(see Help>About if you don't know your path) before installing . Also remove 
the 'sm' module folder from the site-packages path. Otherwise this will cause 

Out of the box SPE chooses automatically the framework:
  - MDI for Windows XP
  - SDI for Linux and Mac Os X

However you can override these settings in the preferences dialog box, but Mac 
doesn't really support MDI.

The Blender support is currently not available, but that should be fixed soon.

:Batteries included:
  - Kiki:
      Regular Expression (regex) console. For more info:
  - PyChecker:
      PyChecker is a tool for finding bugs in python source code. It
      finds problems that are typically caught by a compiler for
      less dynamic languages, like C and C++. It is similar to lint.
      For more info: http://pychecker.sourceforge.net
  - wxGlade:
      wxGlade is a GUI designer written in Python with the
      popular GUI toolkit wxPython, that helps you create
      wxWindows/wxPython user interfaces. As you can guess by the
      name, its model is Glade, the famous GTK+/GNOME GUI builder,
      with which wxGlade shares the philosophy and the look & feel
      (but not a line of code). For more info:
:New features:
  - both MDI/SDI support
  - Mac OS X support (probably still need a lot of debugging, volunteers needed)
  - tabs with open files
  - realtime sidebar (class explorer, todo & index update as you type!)
  - wxPython 2.5 support (latest 2.4 also still supported)
  - option to limit calltips to first paragraph
  - speed improvements, SPE runs now more fast, especially the sidebar
  - dynamic sash window for source code (allowing simultaneous splitted views)
  - Pychecker has been smoothly integrated in the sidebar

:Bug fixes:
  - cut, copy and paste shortcuts work now in shell
  - True and False are now also highlighted

  - full python 2.2.2+
  - wxpython
  - optional blender 2.31+

    - Homepage:     http://spe.pycs.net
    - Website:      http://projects.blender.org/projects/spe/ (downloads)
    - Screenshots:  http://spe.pycs.net/pictures/index.html 
    - Forum:        http://projects.blender.org/forum/?group_id=30
    - RSS feed:     http://spe.pycs.net/weblog/rss.xml