PyFIT 0.3

John Roth
Sun, 9 May 2004 13:52:05 -0400

FIT is Ward Cunningham's Framework For Integrated Testing.
It's an acceptance testing tool that is intended to allow
non-technical people to write acceptance tests with
tools they are familiar with, including word processors
and spreadsheets.

This is an update of Simon Michael's port to Python. See for details of what FIT is and how it works;
the downloads page there contains Simon Michael's
original port, which works with versions of Python
up to 2.2.2.

This version brings the port up to the last released Java
version (Sept 15, 2003) and provides a clean interface
for handling type related metadata. It's on Ron Jeffries'
downloads page at

The next version (0.4a1) is just around the corner;
this will include interoperability with Fitnesse (see and most of the additions that
Object Mentor made to the FIT product. It will
also include [gasp!] real documentation, produced
by Docutils, as well as somewhat better packaging
for installation. Some day, if I can ever get Distutils
to work...

Have fun with it!
John Roth